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If you are passionate about health and fitness and enjoy writing about it, then Flex Gym Bands is the perfect place for you to share your story. We welcome individual bloggers or writers to contribute new, high quality content. Your article reflects on our brand and our business, therefore we can only accept high quality, original, well-written and researched articles. This is why we ask all our contributors to follow the simple guidelines below before submitting your work to us.

  • Backlink to your website

  • Build your online presence

  • Drive quality traffic to your blog or website

  • Increase your subscriber base

  • Improve the ranking of your website

We can only accept articles relating to specific categories:

  • Resistance Bands: guides, tips, product reviews, banded workouts, yoga or Pilates

  • Diets: meal plans, nutrition tips, recipes etc.

  • Physical Therapy and Treatment Technique using resistance bands

  • Articles must be original, interesting, and include useful advice for the reader

  • Articles published elsewhere are not eligible

  • No plagiarism (give proper credit to quotes, data, research etc), self-promotional or spam

  • Articles must be at least 750 words

  • Article must contain at least one item (image, infographic, video, podcast etc)

  • Articles must be SEO optimized and contain relevant long-tail keyword

  • Articles must be in English and use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Only copyright free images are allowed or the ones that have secured permission to use the image

  • One Image in the resolutions of 1350 x 650 (for the website)

  • One image in the resolution of 1080 x 1080 (for Instagram)

Simply email us at hello@flexgymbands.com with your attached article and items (images etc)

Flex Gym Bands will own the complete copyright in your content (writing and media). You grant a perpetual, nonrevokable license to Flex Gym Bands to share, edit, revise, distribute any of the articles you submit. You will be credited as the author and get your backlink.