Best Resistance Bands as Voted by Top UK Trainers

Today’s wide variety of products makes it a tough choice to find best resistance bands. This why we have done all the hard work and thorough research for you, so you do not have to! We have teamed up with UK’s top fitness trainers to give us recommendations and their opinions on the best resistance bands out there. We compiled all findings into the list below which gives you all the details about the product in terms of quality and use, how much it costs and where to get it from.

Best Resistance Bands

Best Resistance Bands

1. Best Loop Bands Set - Gritin Resistance Bands Set of 5

Gritin Resistance Bands Set of 5

One of the best sellers on Amazon, Gritin has proved to be a leader in fit loop bands market. The set of five loop bands is from premium natural latex, meaning it guarantees high resistance strength that will not break or deform after strong stretching. For less than a tenner, it is definitely a bargain! Having adapted one color scheme may seem difficult to distinguish the right level of resistance at first, so Gritin has labelled each band with its level of resistance that it provides, which ranges from light up to xx-heavy. Additionally, it comes with a carry case, which proves to be quite handy to pack the bands and train anywhere you like. Gritin Resistance Bands are suitable for beginners or experienced athletes for any type of upper or lower body workout providing a broad-spectrum of exercise possibilities.

Buy now for £9.99 at Amazon

2. Best Fit Tube Bands Set - Meglio Resistance Band Tubing Set

Meglio Resistance Band Tubing Set

Meglio is a trusted brand used by NHS for their top therapy resistance bands. That is why it comes as no surprise that our top trainers loved Meglio’s resistance band tubing set. The kit comes with five different strengths fit tube bands and includes attachable handles, ankle straps, door anchor, and a carry bag. The latex tubes and attachable handles and ankle straps make it easy to challenge yourself as you can use both at the same time simultaneously or switch to different resistance levels to track your progression. The door anchor creates extra versatility as you can effortlessly turn your living room into a gym. It opens up a window of limitless opportunities of exercises to use them with. For some inspiration you can check out our Resistance Band Workouts for Abs with Fit Tube Band article.

Buy now for £19.99 at Meglio

3. Best Fit Tube - Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube

Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube

If you are not too confident with getting the fit tube set right away, and prefer to see how a single resistance tube works for you, Reebok has got you covered. It would be a crime for us not to include Reebok on our list of the best resistance bands. After all, they are one of the biggest fitness brands worldwide! The resistance tube is adjustable and is available in 3 different levels marked L1 up to L3, meaning the higher the number the heavier the resistance. The fit tube is ideal for strengthening and toning muscles as you can target the upper and lower body. Reebok highly cares about the sustainability, that is why the tube is made of eco-conscious, recyclable materials that are highly flexible, comfortable on the skin and weather resistant.

Buy now for £9 at Amazon

4. Best Fabric Resistance Bands – Elvire Resistance Bands

Elvire Resistance Bands

Elvire has taken the loop resistance bands to a next level by developing their fabric resistance bands. The fabric makes the bands non-slippery to ensure it stays in place at all times, no matter how rigours your workout is. Although fabric may not seem as the best material for resistance bands, Elvire bands are super stretchy, sturdy and long lasting. Moreover, the material is very soft, so your skin will not get irritated.

Buy now for £15.99 at Amazon

5. Best Resistance Bands for Glutes - Decathlon Glute Band

Decathlon Glute Band

Decathlon is a well-known sports retailer for high quality and affordable accessories, and so are their resistance bands. Designed with glutes in mind, this resistance band is a fabric one, so it does not roll up or twist when you do a series of squats or donkey kicks. The pack includes only one band, which you can choose from three various lengths. The smallest length has the strongest level of resistance, so it is recommended for more advanced fitness enthusiasts. The pack comes with 10 exercises to get you started right away.

Buy now for £6.99 at Decathlon

6. Best for Pull-ups – Coresteady Resistance Band

Coresteady Resistance Band

This is one of the best resistance bands if you need assistance with pull-ups. Made from natural latex with an emphasis on durability, this high quality band has five different resistance levels. The green and blue bands with stronger resistance are specifically recommended for assisted pull-ups. The natural stretch material developed by Coresteady allows for controlled muscle tension. The band is also great to use for your pre or post workout stretching.

Buy now for £24.49 at Coresteady

7. Best Assisted Pull-up Band Set – TheFitLife Pull-up Band Set

TheFitLife Pull-up Band Set

TheFitLife went a step further and packed all four different resistance bands for assisted pull-ups making it a real bargain. If you want to progress with pull-ups and don’t spent fortune on buying single heavier resistance bands, this is a perfect solution to get a pack of all four in one go. Hang them from a bar or weight rack, wrap them around your arms and enjoy the added boost until you are strong enough to complete pull-up without any assistance. They are also great for a variety of other exercises.

Buy now for £36.98 at Amazon

8. Best Lateral Resistance Band - Fitness Health Lateral Stepper Resistance Band

Fitness Health Lateral Stepper Resistance Band

The lateral resistance band with two padded ankle straps focuses on strengthening and toning your legs, as it is ideal for a range of lower body exercises. These heavy-duty ankle straps have inner grip that hold your feet in place to improve your lateral motion, meaning you do not have to worry about the band to roll-up or slide off while doing the workout. It comes in one size, but it certainly does not stop you from having a challenging and progressive workout.

Buy now for £9.99 at Amazon

9. Best Long Band – Gymshark Long Resistance Band

Gymshark Long Resistance Band

Gymshark has very quickly became a major player in a fitness world due to its stylish, innovative and top quality products that our trainers love! Gymshark long band is without doubt one of the best resistance bands out there, and a perfect combination of style and quality. The premium fabric material makes it durable and lightweight, while the silicone taping ensures a non-slip hold. This long loop band is great for stimulating muscles and helping tone up your upper and lower body, so you can work your way up in style. It can also be used in place for weights or as an addition to warm-up. There is also a carry bag included with the purchase.

Buy now for £15 at Gymshark

10. Best Therapy Bands – Omeril Resistance Bands Set

Omeril Therapy Resistance Bands Set

These 1.5m long resistance bands are made from 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic natural latex that is skin-friendly and long lasting. The bands come in three resistance levels that are designed to help you efficiently attain full-body extension and improve all sorts of exercises. These therapy bands are perfect for therapy purposes for light stretching and muscle strengthening, as well as other exercises such as yoga and Pilates.

Buy now for £13.99 at Amazon

In Summary

We have tried to compile the list in terms of different uses, which hopefully you found useful and easy to choose the best resistance band for your specific fitness regime. It is certainly difficult to choose just one and our trainers have their own favourites. If we had to narrow down to top three best resistance bands, our team have decided on Meglio versatile and affordable resistance tube set, Elvire non-slip fabric resistance bands, and last but not Coresteady assisted pull-up resistance band. These choices are based on band’s versatility, quality and affordability.

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