Best Tube Resistance Bands

Fit tube bands are the second most popular type of resistance bands right after loop bands. These four feet long, stretchy tubes with attached handles offer a broad-spectrum of workout opportunities. It is no wonder people have been on a search to find best tube resistance bands. But with so many products out on the market, it is difficult to find one that will be of high quality as well as affordable. We have gathered all the information together regarding latest trends and innovations in fitness world to bring you the complete list of the best tube resistance bands.

Best Tube Resistance Bands

Best Tube Resistance Bands

1. Meglio Resistance Band Tubing Set

Meglio Resistance Band Tubing Set

Meglio is a trusted brand used by NHS for their top therapy resistance bands. That is why it comes as no surprise that we loved Meglio’s resistance band tubing set. The kit comes with five different strengths fit tube bands and includes attachable handles, ankle straps, door anchor, and a carry bag. The latex tubes and attachable handles and ankle straps make it easy to challenge yourself as you can use both at the same time simultaneously or switch to different resistance levels to track your progression. The door anchor creates extra versatility as you can effortlessly turn your living room into a gym. It opens up a window of limitless opportunities of exercises to use them with. For some inspiration you can check out our Resistance Band Workouts for Abs with Fit Tube Band article.

Buy now for £19.99 at Meglio

2. Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube

Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube

If you are not too confident with getting the fit tube set right away, and prefer to see how a single resistance tube works for you, Reebok has got you covered. It would be a crime for us not to include Reebok on our list of the best resistance bands. After all, they are one of the biggest fitness brands worldwide! The resistance tube is adjustable and is available in 3 different levels marked L1 up to L3, meaning the higher the number the heavier the resistance. The fit tube is ideal for strengthening and toning muscles as you can target the upper and lower body. Reebok highly cares about the sustainability, that is why the tube is made of eco-conscious, recyclable materials that are highly flexible, comfortable on the skin and weather resistant.

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3. FitBeast Exercise Resistance Bands Set

FitBeast Exercise Resistance Bands

Amazon’s best seller for obvious reason! This is a similar set to before mentioned Meglio. This set includes five resistance bands, two soft cushion handles, two soft ankle straps, a door anchor and a waterproof tote bag. The tubes are made of good grade of thick latex with secure fixings, meaning top quality and long durability. The FitBeast tube band set is a true value for money. Use the tube bands individually or add more at the same time. You can easily mix up your workout and progress to different levels of resistance. Ranging from light to heavy resistance, the bands assist you to complete a total transformation from beginner to advanced. The tube bands are color coded as well as labelled for easy recognition of the correct resistance level.

Buy now for £22 at Amazon

4. Gymshark Build Resistance Bundle

Gymshark Build Resistance Bundle

Why settle just for one resistance tube band, if you can have the best of three worlds? Gymshark has put together this practical bundle consisting of one medium resistance band, one level 2 resistance tube, and one 11-36kg assisted pull-up band. This opens up a wide range of exercise possibilities. You can easily workout using just one band or more at the same time to add extra challenge to your training. The stylish, innovative and top quality products are what made Gymshark an actual shark in the world of fitness apparel and accessories! The bundle is without doubt one of the best offers, and a perfect combination of style and quality.

Buy now for £40 at Gymshark

5. Reehut Single Exercise Tube Band

Reehut Single Exercise Tube Band

If you are tight on a budget and looking for a cheap resistance tube band that does not compromise on the quality of the band, then Reehut is your answer. Made of eco-friendly natural latex for maximum strength and durability of the tube. While they do not come in a set, you can choose the right level of resistance for your fitness. Moreover, the pack also includes extra door anchor so you can easily add variety to your regular fit tube band exercises as well as a handy workout guide to get you started right away. At this price and product quality, it is definitely one of the most affordable and best tube resistance bands available.

Buy now for £5.99 at Amazon


The above list summarises the best products in the market in terms of best tube resistance bands. We compiled this list with a help of fitness experts and put it together on the basis of products' quality, durability and affordability. We hope you found it easier to make a decision on which tube band to purchase for your fitness regime and start working out right away.

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